Chinese Love poems in Tang Dynasty (part 3)

May 31, 2010

Part 3 of my post on Chinese love poems after listening to Prof. Lifeng Mo’s presentation in Lecture Room Program of  CCTV.

By Hu Cui
This poem portrayed a love story. The plot was used for some dramas. It was said that one day the poet took a tour in the countryside during QingMing Festival. He felt thirsty so he knocked at the door of a house and asked for some water. There he ran into a pretty young lady. She stood there quietly by the peach tree when he was drinking the water. Her face is as pretty as the peach blossom. They didn’t have much conversation since that would be against the rites. The next year Hu came here again, only to find a lock on the door. He was disappointed and sad, so he wrote this poem on the door and then left. Days later, with some hope of seeing the lady again, he came to the house. An old man asked him, are you the one writing the poem? He admitted it. The old man burst into tears: Give back my daughter! The old man told Hu that after coming back home, his daughter saw the poem. She was so sad about missing him that she got sick and died.  Hu’s heart was broken and he cried by the lady. Miracle happened and she opened her eyes again! After that, the girl recovered and they got married. Below is the poem:

I found a translation available here:

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